Realtime Dashboard

Realtime Dashboard

The Realtime Dashboard provides powerful insights to help you readily identify trends happening on your website, in your email campaigns and with generated revenue, all in real-time.

If enabled, your Sailthru Dashboard will display a new interface that dynamically displays page view activity for media brands, and revenue, order and product activity for e-commerce brands. If you have not yet been enabled for Realtime Dashboard, contact your Account Manager or Support.

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Sort your Realtime Dashboard to view PageviewsPageviews + Unknown, and Identified Pageviews. The graph by default has an overlay that lets you compare activity from today with last week’s performance.

Pageviews are the total number of recorded pageviews.

Pageviews + Unknown is an overlay of pageviews from all users compared with users who were not identified.

Identified Pageviews are views from users who have been identified with Horizon and are known to have a user profile.

Additionally, you can look at performance on specific days by clicking on the 3 date-related buttons in the upper right corner: Today, Yesterday, and Specific Date.

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If you track purchase revenue, your Realtime Dashboard will display Top Revenue. This will show the top 10 items that have the highest revenue for the current day. Top Pageviews are the top 10 articles that have the most views for the current day.