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View template’s ‘last modified’ user on template list page

August 7, 2019
You can quickly see the user who last modified your template, when viewing the Templates List Page. By default, all rows display with the name and last update time/date: Beginning today, hovering reveals the user who last modified the template: This small and popular request is influenced directly by marketer feedback. Thanks for your input and please keep ...

See messages across devices, browsers with our free Email Client Test

August 6, 2019
Marketers seeking confidence in consistent message appearance can use Sailthru’s free Email Client Test to check email templates and campaigns across multiple devices and browsers. Campaign Builder, HTML Template Editor and Email Composer directly link to Email Client Test. This allows marketers to make modifications to their template/campaign and seamlessly see the results of their changes ...

Check Smart List membership in Lifecycle Optimizer

July 24, 2019
Lifecycle Optimizer’s “List Subscriber” check can now look at Smart Lists and their memberships. With this subtle change, you can leverage virtually any profile characteristic inside of Lifecycle Optimizer flows. Use Audience Builder to create a Smart List, then check customers against the Smart List in real-time as they pass through a Lifecycle Optimizer flow. We’re excited ...

Improvements to Shopify Product Recommendations

July 22, 2019
We’ve released improvements to the way the Sailthru Shopify App and Content/Product Library handle “publish status” changes for products coming from Shopify.  Previously, some clients found customers receiving recommendations for unpublished products. Moving forward, you will see all of your Shopify products in the Sailthru content library, but only published products will be used in recommendations.  To ...

Email Composer now creating smaller message sizes

July 15, 2019
Following an update on July 11, 2019, Email Composer is using a more efficient process to generate source HTML. This results in smaller email sizes, which can help reduce clipping inside of email clients. Results will vary based on the elements used in a message, but testing showed an average of 15% decrease in size for ...