What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Quickly use data feeds in Email Composer with dynamic rows

November 19, 2018
Email Composer’s drag-and-drop messaging creation is centered around the display of rows. Rows can house images, buttons, text or even just serve as white space. Rows allow you to fit any number of these design elements, and they can be toggled to hide on mobile or stack if they feature columns. For design inspiration, marketers can easily ...

Omnichannel journeys are easier than ever with Lifecycle Optimizer’s new features

November 6, 2018
End-to-end triggered mobile series are easier than ever with this summer’s updates to Lifecycle Optimizer.  We’ve launched powerful Lifecycle Optimizer step types empowering marketers to leverage mobile app activity inside triggered flows. Sailthru Mobile customers have access to these new features: Entries for mobile app install and uninstall allow you to start welcome or win-back series Check ...

Ability to specify list of “material events” in Data Exporter “daily update” exports

November 6, 2018
In preparation for upcoming product enhancements, all existing Data Exporter clients will begin having up to four new fields included per profile: bounce_time – last time a profile bounced bounce_message – the bounce message from when the profile bounced bounce_status – the profile’s current bounce status (null means not bounced) var_time – the last time a profile’s var was changed These ...

Helpful new filters for Lifecycle Optimizer’s list page

October 17, 2018
Did your colleague create a Lifecycle Optimizer flow with a “List Joined” entry, but you forget what they named it? Perhaps you need to update a template but can’t recall which flow it’s in? Two new Lifecycle Optimizer list page filters are here to help! Beginning today, you can quickly filter flows based on the entry type ...

Lifecycle Optimizer’s ‘List Joined’ entry will include Hosted Pages, email-click functions

October 12, 2018
Beginning Oct. 17, 2018, the “List Joined” entry in Lifecycle Optimizer will include customers who are added to lists via the following features: Hosted Pages (signup and manage preference pages) Email links created using the confirmed-opt-in (signup_confirm) Zephyr function Email Links with the sailthru_lists link parameter (this feature must be enabled for your account) Prior to this release, the “List Joined” entry only ...