What’s New in Sailthru

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Ad Targeter ad plans join Email Composer settings

October 2, 2019
You can now link an ad plan from Sailthru Ad Targeter to any Email Composer template. With a plan in place, use an HTML Block in Email Composer’s drag-and-drop menu to add the relevant Zephyr snippet for the ad position, just as you would in HTML Editor. Templates used in Lifecycle Optimizer and the API will use ...

Email Client Test gets a new home in Email Composer

September 23, 2019
Beginning Sept. 23, 2019, access to the Email Client Test tool in Email Composer will move the the Preview pane. To access, click Preview in the Save menu and then look for the Email Client Test button in the top panel. We have moved the link to the Preview pane to reduce menu clutter. Email Client Test remains ...

Updates to default log-out time for my.sailthru.com, mobile.sailthru.com

September 18, 2019
Beginning Sept. 23, 2019, sign-in to my.sailthru.com and mobile.sailthru.com will be required after 12 consecutive hours of admin user inactivity. For some marketers, this may require logging in on a daily basis. Marketers with sign-in two-factor-authentication will not need to resubmit a new two-factor code each time, so long as they’ve authenticated that device using two-factor-authentication ...

Sunset of ‘Classic View’ template list page; Temporary access to deleting system labels

September 4, 2019
Effective Sept. 4, 2019, the “Classic View” link on the template list page will no longer be visible. This page provided a quick link back to the older version of the template list page. Since our early 2019 launch, we implemented features into the new Template List page from feedback in our beta and general release ...

View template usage across flows and recurring campaigns

August 29, 2019
Making changes to a template but can’t remember where it’s used? With a single click, you can now see if any recurring campaigns or Lifecycle Optimizer flows use a template. Introducing our template usage display. You can access Template Usage through the templates list page. When you access the usage display, you’ll see this: Here’s how to access:  Templates list ...