What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Know your audience’s device notification status

March 6, 2019
Push notifications can be set to ‘Push disabled’ on Mobile devices (read more about this here). This means that when a push is sent to an audience, some of these pushes will never be displayed. We have just released a update which will show you how many devices in a selected audience have not set their ...

Custom social icons and new row layouts in Email Composer

March 6, 2019
Email Composer has two updates to make customizing messages even easier: Add your own social icons and images in the Social content block Four new row types for more flexible layouts Social Icons Look for the “Add new icon” Button when editing a Social block Click the Add new icon button to open an menu with preset icons for popular ...

Making it easier to test templates in Campaign Builder

March 6, 2019
Campaign Builder’s new “Refresh from Template” button lets you quickly load different templates when making A/B Campaigns. You can also quickly update a campaign’s message content if you make changes to a Visual Template using Email Composer, or update an HTML Template. The “Refresh from Template” feature now appears on the Campaign Builder Design tab. The button ...

Update to Email Composer’s automatic beacon placement

March 6, 2019
Beginning March 6, 2019, Email Composer’s automatic beacon placement will add the image to the top of template instead of the bottom. Only new Visual Templates created after this update will see this new placement. Existing templates and campaigns will not be altered. There’s no action needed by marketers as a result of this change. Please ...

Enhancing visual templates using Email Composer’s ‘Setup’

February 21, 2019
Email Composer’s settings window now includes the “Setup” field. Power users know this field from our HTML Template Editor and Campaign Builder – it allows you to add advanced Zephyr configurations. The Zephyr used often filters or sorts data (content/product) feeds used in the template. Setup runs once for each customer send. This allows the Zephyr used ...