What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Resolving Bugs in Team Permissions Functionality

June 23, 2016
On Thursday, July 7, 2016, we will resolve a bug that previously allowed your limited-access users on my.Sailthru.com to schedule campaigns using lists they should not have had access to. When creating or modifying a campaign, limited-access users will no longer be given the option to send to any lists that their team was not ...

API Maintenance for User GET Calls

June 21, 2016
Our reliability engineers have released a performance upgrade to our most popular API endpoint: Users. As a consequence, changes to Smart List criteria may not be immediately reflected in User GET requests. This does not affect the user’s actual status on a Smart List or any actions based on Smart List membership. Accordingly, sends and reports based on the user’s ...

Track Your Inventory’s Stock

June 15, 2016
We’re very excited to announce that you can now sync inventory levels with Sailthru! Limiting product recommendations to those items which are currently in stock is done automatically! You can also choose to further customize how inventory levels affect product recommendations. Several related capabilities have also been released to help our Commerce clients make the most ...

Preventative Maintenance for Campaign Performance

June 13, 2016
Some legacy Sailthru templates include Zephyr template scripting that performs advanced changes to the way data feed content is used inside a campaign message. When inefficient Zephyr code is used and sent to a large list of users, generation delays can result and, ultimately, so can campaign delays and failures. We are adding safeguards to the ...

List API Validation Update when Creating Smart Lists

June 1, 2016
Beginning June 1, 2016, Smart Lists created via the /list API endpoint will properly validate the use of the “query” parameter within the call. Previously, a Smart List could be created with an invalid structure for the “query” parameter value, preventing it from being counted or properly used in a campaign send. Invalid “query” structures ...