What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Zendesk Integration Coming Soon!

October 31, 2016
Get ready for an exciting new release from Sailthru. In the coming weeks we’ll be launching a new integration with Zendesk to make the critical connection between customer support and marketing even more valuable to your customer retention efforts. The app is designed to provide valuable and actionable data from Sailthru to support agents when working with customers. ...

Sailthru WordPress Plugin 3.0.6

October 31, 2016
Version 3.0.6 of Sailthru’s WordPress plugin adds support for Sailthru’s Content API, additional support for Sailthru’s Personalization Engine JavaScript (personalize.js), and a number of bug fixes and improvements. See our full, updated documentation here. Added Content API support Each time a post or page is added or saved it is now pushed to your Sailthru Content Library via ...

Upload more images at once using Campaign Builder

October 26, 2016
Beginning Oct. 27, 2016, you can upload up to 200 images at once to the Image Library in Campaign Builder. The limit was previously 20 images at a time. You’ll also see a warning if you attempt to upload more than 200 files at once.

Larger List Uploads & an Update to Campaign Detail Exports

October 25, 2016
New Table in the Campaign Detail Report Export Beginning Oct. 25, 2016, the “Devices” metrics table will be included in the Campaign Statistics CSV Export, available in my.sailthru.com’s Campaign Detail Report. Larger List Upload Sizes Beginning Oct. 26, 2016, the size limit for list file uploads will increase to a maximum of 1 GB per file. It was ...

Enhanced handling of ‘list unsubscribe’ requests from inside email applications

October 14, 2016
Beginning Oct. 24, 2016, we will treat “unsubscribe” requests from email platforms differently than “Spam” reports. These requests come from the “Unsubscribe” buttons in apps like Gmail, as opposed to someone clicking your messages’ own “unsubscribe” link. This will optimize delivery for users who wish only to leave a mailing list and not completely prevent important messages such ...