What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Use multiple branches to route users through Lifecycle Optimizer flows

July 27, 2017
Leverage the power of the Sailthru user profile and custom fields to create tailored experiences for users in Lifecycle Optimizer. Beginning July 31, 2017, you can create multiple branches from a user profile custom field check. With this release, you can dynamically shape your welcome series, post-purchase series and more using the Sailthru custom fields you ...

Take control of Lifecycle Optimizer entries with flow-level frequency capping

July 12, 2017
On July 13, 2017, we’re launching flow-level frequency capping in Lifecycle Optimizer! This allows you to set limits on users entering a flow with three levels of control: Only let a user in a specific flow once ever Block users from entering a flow if they’re currently participating in it Prevent users from entering a flow too often using ...

Lifecycle Optimizer can help display event custom event data inside your email templates

July 5, 2017
Event API calls can include custom fields (vars) as part of the call, which can include meta data or other information you want to reference to your users. You can currently filter Lifecycle Optimizer flow entries based on these fields. Now, you’ll be able to display those custom fields in any email template sent by that ...

Lifecycle Optimizer Adds Yes/No Branching

June 14, 2017
On June 15, 2017, we’ll release an update to Lifecycle Optimizer that allows you to create flow branches for both the “yes” and “no” outcome of checks. This feature only allows 2 branches per check, but multiple-branch functionality is coming before August. This two-branching update will be available to new and existing flows. Adding steps to ...

Your Feedback in Action on the Campaigns Page

May 31, 2017
We recently released a redesigned Campaign overview page with the ability to search and filter your campaigns. Then, we listened for your feedback on the new page and added the key workflow enhancements we heard from all of you. Copy a Campaign with One Click You found your campaign quickly, you can now copy it just as ...