What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Bring Customers Back with Lifecycle Optimizer Browse Abandon Flows

March 9, 2018
We’re excited to introduce a new abandonment series to our Lifecycle Optimizer portfolio: Browse Abandonment. Customers visit your site, peruse products and categories, and leave without ever purchasing or adding items to a cart. Now with Lifecycle Optimizer, you can follow up with known customers, reminding them of their virtual window shopping with enticements to bring ...

See Click-Through Percentages in the Campaign Clickmap

March 6, 2018
Quickly see the popular links in your email with a small update to our Campaign Detail clickmap:   You can now see the click-through percentage of links relative to all clicks in the email, using the “Click Percent” menu. This ratio is in addition to the total numbers that were already available in the same menu. This update is live ...

Schedule Next Steps with Lifecycle Optimizer

March 5, 2018
Late-night purchases. Clicks before an early morning flight. Sometimes journeys shouldn’t be completely dependent on the exact time a customer conducted an action. That’s why you can now set a specific time to release a customer from a Lifecycle Optimizer wait. Our newest addition to the Lifecycle Optimizer “Wait” step allow you to set the time ...

WordPress v3.2 update released

February 22, 2018
We’ve released an update to our WordPress plugin to resolve some open bugs that we spotted in the Sailthru Subscribe Widget.   This release fixes the following issues:   Fixed bug with rendering of checkboxes in Sailthru Subscribe Widget. Fixed issue with validation of email addresses when using the Sailthru Subscribe Widget. Fixed PHP warnings when a Sailthru Subscribe ...

Custom widths for Overlays

February 9, 2018
Challenge: Clients frequently wish to display overlays of different widths, both wider and narrower than our 600px default. This is especially relevant on mobile, where height exceeds width. Solution: Enable custom widths that function as a maximum width but are responsive should the viewport narrow and cause the overlay to reflow, adapt, yet still look ...