What’s New in Sailthru

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Get cookin’ with Lifecycle Optimizer Recipes

May 15, 2018
Our team often receives questions about popular Lifecycle Optimizer flow layouts, including the question, “So what are other customers doing that’s cool?” To help answer that question and inspire your creativity, we’re introducing Recipes to Lifecycle Optimizer. Use Lifecycle Optimizer Recipes to discover new strategies or quickly get started with popular flows such as Welcome Series. ...

WordPress Plugin Version 3.2.1 Released

May 11, 2018
Our v3.2.1 release is a maintenance release that resolves some outstanding bugs and ensures PHP 7.2 compatibility.   This release will help create a smoother experience and provide a little bit more flexibility that developers have asked for.   The full list of changes: The ajaxurl used in the signup widget is now namespaced to prevent collision ...

Notable new home for the Lifecycle Optimizer ‘delete’ button

May 8, 2018
When a Lifecycle Optimizer flow is a “draft,” you have the ability to delete it from within the flow builder. Beginning May 8, 2018, the Delete button has a new home under the flow control menu where “Save” and “Save As…” already exist. Keeping these top-level flow controls in one place helps keep your mouse focused. We’re ...

Quickly navigate your Lifecycle Optimizer flows

May 3, 2018
Introducing the Lifecycle Optimizer flow map: a quick navigation tool to fly around flows without having to scroll.   Available now for all flows, look for the map icon in the lower-left corner of the flow builder page, below the zoom buttons. Click the map to expand the tool.     When editing a step, its respective shape in the ...

Overlay Campaigns

April 30, 2018
Set and forget Overlays with new scheduling! Create overlay campaigns for list growth, sales announcements, or breaking news that have set start and end dates and times. With Overlays, you can now set it and forget it!   Within the Overlays Targeting tab, Sailthru clients now have the option to define exactly (down to the minute) when an ...