What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Understanding Your Facebook Instant Articles Conversions

March 29, 2018
We’re rolling out an update to our Facebook integration to help you get a clearer understanding of which users are converting from a Facebook Instant Article or a Facebook Lead Ad. Many of you are already using the Lead Ads integration and understand that Facebook uses the same process to send leads from Instant Articles ...

Overlay Click Data Now Available

March 28, 2018
We are excited to introduce click tracking to Overlays. Now, when any link within an overlay is clicked, we automatically track the click and display the Overlay’s total number of clicks within the Sailthru interface. You can access the click data on the Overlays list page. We report clicks as both a rate (Click Rate) and ...

Trigger Overlay by Cart Value

March 28, 2018
You can now trigger an Overlay (modal or bar) to display based on the value of a customer’s cart or basket. For example: This new trigger is added to the other available ‘When’ trigger options, including a required ‘number of pageviews’ in the visit. This trigger works in conjunction with location (Where) and list (Who) targeting criteria, ...

Sailthru Auto Tagger Update

March 26, 2018
We’re updating Sailthru’s auto-tagging solution behind the scenes with an updated natural language processing engine. This is a maintenance release and do not expect any significant changes to your tags.   For customers that are currently using auto tagger there is no action needed on your part. We’ve been reviewing the results of the tagging with account managers over the ...

Use Lifecycle Optimizer to Re-engage Dormant Customers

March 21, 2018
When a customer’s engagement is lacking, you can automatically add them to a Lifecycle Optimizer flow to drive a re-engagement activity. Introducing our Engagement Flow entry type: This entry quietly runs in the background each day, collecting customers who match the conditions you set. It runs every night after midnight in your account’s time zone, similar to ...