What’s New in Sailthru

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Take swift action on custom field changes with a new Lifecycle Optimizer entry

March 21, 2019
Our latest Lifecycle Optimizer Entry is live in all accounts: Start customers into flows the moment their custom field value is changed. The “Custom Field Change” entry monitors your user’s custom fields in real time. When a field value is changed from a Hosted Page, Preference Center, Lifecycle Optimizer flow or API Call, the customer will ...

Associate promotional codes with Email Composer visual templates

March 20, 2019
You can now use uploaded promotional code buckets with Email Composer templates. To associate a promotion, navigate to the Settings gear in the EC Toolbar and look for the “Load Promotion Codes” section to select a promo code group.  After selecting the promotion group, add the Promo Code placeholder Zephyr to the message and you’re all set! Not ...

Track success with push notification metrics in Lifecycle Optimizer

March 15, 2019
Mobile marketers can now see realtime push notification stats inside of Lifecycle Optimizer flows. As with email, the count below the step represents all customers who passed through that flow step. The “sends” count represents the customers that were successfully sent a message. This is live for all new flows beginning today! Existing active flows will see ...

Individual and grouped location based audiences

March 11, 2019
Targeting customers based on their device’s location is a powerful marketing tool (for details see here). While it has been possible to create location based/geofenced audiences for quite some time, we have made it easier to create multiple audiences at once and group multiple locations into a single audience. A list of location coordinates can now ...

Know your audience’s device notification status

March 6, 2019
Push notifications can be set to ‘Push disabled’ on Mobile devices (read more about this here). This means that when a push is sent to an audience, some of these pushes will never be displayed. We have just released a update which will show you how many devices in a selected audience have not set their ...