Quickly use data feeds in Email Composer with dynamic rows

Email Composer’s drag-and-drop messaging creation is centered around the display of rows. Rows can house images, buttons, text or even just serve as white space.

Rows allow you to fit any number of these design elements, and they can be toggled to hide on mobile or stack if they feature columns.

For design inspiration, marketers can easily search and select drag-and-drop prebuilt rows into messages. No need to waste time thinking of layouts — we’ve got you covered with a wide range of column displays.

Email Composer Prebuilt Rows

Sailthru empowers marketers to easily use their site content and products inside their email messages. Using data feeds from the Sailthru Content Library, you can easy reuse a template day after day while displaying the latest stories or hottest products from your feed.

In 2019, we’re making that template-creation process even easier than before. Our first step in Email Composer is Dynamic Rows.

With Dynamic Rows, you can drag-and-drop a prebuilt row that automatically works with Sailthru’s default data feed format.

Email Composer Dynamic Rows

You can try it yourself if you have items in your Sailthru Content Library and have a Content Feed:

1. Select a Sailthru Content Feed in the Template settings

2. Drag-and-drop a Dynamic Row into the message canvas

3. Click into the template preview to see the feed content appear in the template

Note: These blocks instantly work with Sailthru Content Feeds, using our default data feed format. External feeds, such as those from your own CMS, may not work if they do not match that best practice format.

Dynamic Rows come in a variety of designs and are configured to use up to the first 4 items in a Content Feed. You can change the item number in the text, image and button blocks – i.e., [0] to [4] – to display a different item number in your feed. Dynamic Rows do not yet support loops, but stay tuned in 2019 for more Dynamic Rows functionality.