Quickly add personalization to Email Composer visual templates

Our new Content & Personalization tab in Email Composer settings provides an easy way to:

  • preview data feed content for your template
  • add Interest personalization or randomization to a template’s feed


What’s changed?

  1. Data feed selection moved to the Content & Personalization tab
  2. Quickly preview the items in a selected feed without leaving the page
  3. Select from three options to tailor the feed’s ordering: Leave as-is, randomize for each customer, or use Sailthru’s Interest algorithm to re-sort the order with the item most likely to engage the customer, based on their click/on-site/in-app activity.

After you select “interest,” the preview will automatically display the feed ordering based on your personal profile preferences. If your Sailthru log-in email is the same that you browse, click and purchase with, the feed order will reflect your interests – in real-time!

With your data feed and personalization type selected, now you just need to create your template. Use our “pre-built rows for data feeds” to drag-and-drop an example row into Email Composer, then use preview to see how the data feed populates the template.

As the pre-built rows illustrate, you can use Zephyr inside of Email Composer templates to display feed content in a message. If you’re not familiar with Zephyr, using the pre-built rows is an excellent way to test personalization and data feeds.

Check out our updated documentation for a full how-to guide on using Email Composer to test personalization.