Query Purchase Order and Item Vars; Batch Purchase Importing; Default Query List Change

Query Purchase Order and Item Vars

Using Audience Builder or the query job, you can now search for users who have specific “purchase order” vars or “purchase item” vars present in their purchase history. Search “purchase order” in our updated Query dictionary for details. As of March 2015, both of these terms appear on the user profile lookup page, too!

Batch Purchase Importing

Speaking of purchases – we’re making it easier for you to give Sailthru your past purchase history! The best way to give us user purchase data is in realtime, but if you’re a new customer looking for a faster way to send us years of purchase history, there’s a job for you! Introducing the “Bulk Purchase Import” Job. The purchase import requires a JSON file type formatted with each row representative of an individual purchase call. Learn more in the job API documentation.

Default Audience Builder Behavior Changed

We’ve made a change to Audience Builder’s default behavior when creating a new query. You’ll now be asked to select a source for your query. Previously this defaulted to “All Primary Lists.” To ensure you’re in full control of your search, we modified this to be a conscious decision.