Push status check added to Lifecycle Optimizer

The new ‘Push status’ check helps increase the effectiveness of targeting mobile devices in Lifecycle Optimizer (LO).

Rather than simply checking if a user has your app installed, now you can confirm the actual push status of the device before sending a push notification. The new check enables you to know how or if a push notification will be displayed on a device meaning you can then tailor actions based on that status.

If the device is set to ‘Enabled’ you know your push notification will be displayed without any limitations, so a push is probably a great idea. However, if the device is set to ‘Quiet’ or ‘Disabled’, you may wish to engage via other methods as well as, or instead of, push notifications.

Here is a quick rundown on what each status actually means in terms of how a push notification will be displayed on a device:

Status iOS Settings Android Settings


Banners, sounds, badges and/or lock screen enabled

At least one notification channel enabled with interrupting importance


Notification Center only enabled

All channels set to non-interrupting importance level


Notifications off or all settings turned off

Notifications off / no channels enabled

For more information about device notification status, click here

How to use the new push status check

Simply click to add a check to a LO flow and select the ‘Push status’ option from the dropdown list.
Once selected, specify which push status you wish to check from the “Push status is…” dropdown list, which includes the following options:

  • Enabled
  • Quiet
  • Disabled
  • Enabled or Quiet
  • Disabled or Quiet

Once selected the check will provide two branches off of it. One branch for the chosen status being true and one for it being false.