Purchase Returns in Sailthru

We’re proud to introduce our Returns API to enable you to update profiles at scale with return information. This is a feature that many commerce and retail customers have been excited about. We are please to say it is now available for use.

Target users by how much they actually spent with you. A returned item costs you that purchase’s revenue not to mention shipping, logistics, and customer satisfaction. After all, a user didn’t spend the money of your brand if you had to refund half of it.

The new API endpoint will allow your system to record a user’s returns on their Sailthru Profile. Developers can begin using this integration immediately, enabling marketers to leverage the most meaningful purchase behavior data. Marketers can build Audience Builder segments and Smart Lists based on user’s total spend after returns have been subtracted out. Two new queries are part of the query library:

  • Net revenue value is at least
  • Net revenue value is at most

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.53.07 PM

You will also be able to leverage this information in your messaging using our templating language, Zephyr. For instance, you could hide a free shipping offer from customers who have returned frequently or exclude them from a clearance sale completely. Post-purchase flows using triggers could also cancel themselves if the item is returned.

Third-party Integrations will be updated with Returns functionality in the coming months. Work has already started on Magento and additional platforms will follow.

Note: Clients who have a workaround in place for returns handling will be interested to hear this solves the duplicate problems that workflow created. A User’s Average Order Value will accurately reflect the user’s spend history. The Returns API will also not interfere with Prediction Manager’s purchase predictions and opens up the possibility for return predictions in the future.

For more information, please see our up to date Docs.

Return API Docs

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