Tracking Technologies

Sailthru offers different ways to track user engagement, here are links so you can review how to set up and how you can opt users out of tracking technologies.

Sailthru offers our customers ‘Do Not Track’ capabilities that allow users to opt out from online tracking across devices whenever a user identifies him/herself. A beacon is an image you include in your emails that Sailthru uses to track which users open your emails. When the image loads, Sailthru logs information about the user and their session. If you want to track opens, you must include a beacon in your templates and campaigns. Sailthru will drop tracking cookies for your users to track engagement. This occurs through Sailthru’s JavaScript or through the User API. Sailthru Mobile and Apple Devices Using Apple’s published data types as a guide, data collected by default for Sailthru mobile customers includes:
  • Product Interaction data and/or Purchase data (e.g. app launches, push interactions, in-app message interactions, session times)
  • Diagnostic data (e.g. app version, SDK version, OS version)
  • Customer defined vars or custom attributes – this is completely dependent on the customer’s implementation, and we recommend that customers review the list of data types provided by Apple to confirm which of these they have opted to send to Sailthru
It’s important to note that Sailthru’s SDK does not utilize the IDFA and does not provide any native ability to track mobile user across multiple apps. Any cross-app tracking that you perform using other means is not controlled by Sailthru and we are unable to assist you in assessing compliance with Apple’s rules. Ultimately, understanding and complying with Apple’s (and other platform’s) guidelines is the responsibility of the customer. Through our feature documentation, we provide information to help you understand the nature of our services and apply your determinations to the processing we perform on your behalf, including providing notice of the processing to your end users. If you require additional information to comply, we will do our best to reasonably assist you. As more guidance and rules are applied to the technologies used to track individuals, Sailthru will continue to evaluate our current and future services with individual privacy as a core requirement of feature development. We will continue to ensure that the services offered allow customers to comply with their obligations under privacy laws.

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