Overlay Campaigns

Set and forget Overlays with new scheduling!

Create overlay campaigns for list growth, sales announcements, or breaking news that have set start and end dates and times. With Overlays, you can now set it and forget it!
Within the Overlays Targeting tab, Sailthru clients now have the option to define exactly (down to the minute) when an overlay will be viewable to audiences that qualify for the overlay’s targeting.

All fields are optional, enabling the following use cases:

  • Specific start day (and time) and specific end day (and time)
  • Specific start day (and time) with indefinite end
  • Immediate start with indefinite end

If a start time is not indicated, the start time will default to 12:00 AM of the provided start day. If an end time is not indicated, the end time will default to 11:59 of the indicated end day.

If the overlay status is not set to ‘active’, it will not be displayed, regardless of scheduling.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.36.22 PM