Omnichannel journeys are easier than ever with Lifecycle Optimizer’s new features

End-to-end triggered mobile series are easier than ever with this summer’s updates to Lifecycle Optimizer.  We’ve launched powerful Lifecycle Optimizer step types empowering marketers to leverage mobile app activity inside triggered flows. Sailthru Mobile customers have access to these new features:

  • Entries for mobile app install and uninstall allow you to start welcome or win-back series
  • Check if a customer has a mobile app installed, allowing you to send push notifications to able customers
  • Check the customer’s most recently opened channel – app or email – allowing you to branch and message accordingly
  • Send rich push notifications using custom keys and values

Entry: Mobile App Installed, Mobile App Uninstalled

Start customers into a flow when the Sailthru Mobile SDK registers a new device, or when a device is no longer valid.

LO Mobile app install entry

This functionality works for device-only profiles, so registering an email address is not required for the customer to enter the flow. App installs are detected in realtime. Uninstall events will trigger when a push notification can no longer be sent to a previously registered device.

Check: Mobile App Installed

 Adhering to the same logic in the app install entry, this check facilitates a realtime check of the customer’s app status. You can further narrow the install date to a range within the flow.



Check: Last Active Channel

Optimize your flow’s messaging based on a customer’s most recent email or app open with this powerful omnichannel check.

LO Last Active Channel

How it works: At the moment the customer passes through the check, Lifecycle Optimizer will look at the customer profile’s most recent email open time and most recent mobile app open time. The more recent of the two time stamps will determine the winning branch: mobile app or email.

LO Last Active Branch

You can then route the customer through separate experiences for email and mobile app messaging and cadence.
Action: Send rich push notifications
Include badge, sound and image details using the optional key/value fields in the Send Push Notification action.


 Learn more about how custom fields can be used with push notifications in our mobile documentation.

Don’t forget the Engagement entry can also look at the last app open date, automatically adding customers to a flow when their last app open was exactly 60 days ago, (the number is up to you!)

Learn more in our Lifecycle Optimizer Step Glossary, and join our upcoming Lifecycle Optimizer Sailthru Academy Webinar to learn tips and tricks from Sailthru’s expert team.