Old Campaign Builder To Be Disabled Aug. 19

Since Spring, we’ve enabled access to our beta campaign building tool, allowing you to experience the new workflow at your own pace. With great feedback, we’ve made some usability enhancements to the suite in addition to squashing reported bugs. Our monitoring shows most of you have switched over to the new tool, and we thank you for doing so! As we near the Fall and holiday season, now’s the time to make the switch to the new campaign builder if you haven’t already.

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, we will deprecate the old campaign builder. All new and existing campaigns will begin opening in the new campaign workflow. You will no longer have access to the old builder.

The new builder boasts side-by-side message preview and a robust A/B testing platform, including a summary confirmation page with key campaign performance metrics!

Please find additional details for the upcoming deprecation timeline below:

  • Thursday, July 30: The “beta” toggle for the new Campaign Builder will be turned on for all users by default. This will only affect users who have the toggle currently set to “off.” Users already using the new workflow will not notice a change.
  • Wednesday, August 19: The new Campaign Builder will become the default workflow for all new and existing campaigns. The old workflow will no longer be accessible.

Toggling On the New Workflow

If you’ve explored the new interface and weren’t quite ready to make the leap – now is the time to give it another try. If you weren’t aware of the beta, you can make the switch right now on your campaign page. Look for the beta toggle, pictured below, in the upper-right of the campaign list page.

The New Campaign Builder Toggle: Located to the right of the far right of the “Create New” campaign button. Turn it on today to make the switch.
Once again, this toggle will be defaulted to “ON” for all current users on Thursday, July 30.

New Builder Features, Training and Documentation:

Remember, you can learn all about the new builder through our documentation and training videos at getstarted.sailthru.com.
We will host an additional “Sailthru Academy” session on the new builder at 12:30 p.m. EST Aug. 4. Register to participate here: Sailthru Product Release Training: New Campaign Builder

We look forward to launching this new suite in full and know you’ll enjoy the new features, especially our enhanced A/B testing. We’ll see you this Fall at our annual Lift Conference in NYC, as we unveil the next generation of our platform’s tools. Until then, be sure to visit our Release Notes page for the latest on our incremental product enhancements.