October 2016 Updates

The start of October brings with it a few notable improvements and bug fixes:

Update to the Campaign Detail Report “Audience Builder” tool

You can now use the “ANY” mode of criteria matching within the Audience Builder in the Campaign Detail Report.

Support for the Transactional Delivery reporting “click map” when using query string parameters

If your click reporting relies on query string parameters, you’ve likely whitelisted those parameters in our Settings. We’ve updated our transactional delivery report clickmap to properly display counts of links with whitelisted query parameters. Please note, changes to your whitelisted parameters take immediate effect but are not retroactive for reporting purposes.

Updating Postbacks for Unsuccessful Jobs

Beginning Oct. 5, 2016, when an API job request includes your postback webhook, we will postback for unsuccessful jobs of the following job types:

  • List Generate
  • List Import
  • All List Data Export
  • Save Campaign (blast) members to List
  • Purchase Log export
  • List Erase
  • Snapshots
  • Campaign (blast) Snapshots

This matches the behavior of other job types, which postback for both successful and unsuccessful jobs. Learn more about job postbacks. Report emails, where provided, also receive success and failure notification, regardless of the job type.