New and Improved Transactional Email Reporting Page

Introducing the new Transactional Email Reporting page! The re-launch of this page combines richer data, an improved interface, and a new set of features.

Transactional Email Reporting

On the previous page, you could only access aggregate data. Now, when you download the report, you’ll have access to time-series data! This will allow you to chart template performance over time and measure trends. Also, your open, click, beacon, and purchase rates are now calculated against the total messages delivered, not the larger number of emails sent. This is an update that gives marketers a more accurate view of template performance.

As part of the interface refresh we’ve also added a few small features to improve your experience. This includes:

  • Template Search – Quickly filter the view in real time by typing any part of a template name.
  • Sticky Column Headers – The top header row remains in place as you scroll down your list of templates, so that all metric names remain visible.
  • Removal of Auto-Refresh on Date Change – When you modify the start date and/or end date, we’ll now update the report once you click Run Report.

For more detailed information on all available metrics, see our updated documentation.