New Sailthru script tag and simple integration JavaScript functions

Introducing our new simple-integration functions, which offer a simpler, less technical way to connect with Sailthru APIs. Simply paste our code into your site’s template or tag manager, with minimal modifications needed.  

  • Getting value out of our system just got much easier, there’s a single new script tag to access all of the power of the Sailthru platform
  • The new script tag and JS integration functions are available now
  • The JS integration functions play well with Lifecycle Optimizer (can initiate flows)
  • You don’t need to change from your existing Sailthru tag, unless you want the additional functionality
Sailthru Script Tag – We’re introducing the new Sailthru script tag to formally replace the Horizon v1.0 and personalize JS (v0.0.1 – v0.0.4) script tags. 
  • Tag: 
    <script src="https://ak.sail-horizon.com/spm/spm.v1.min.js"></script>
    <script>Sailthru.init({ customerId: <yourID> });</script>
  • No need to upgrade. However, if you want access to our new simple JS API integration functions or to SPM, you will need to have the new Sailthru script tag
  • The legacy Horizon tag can be swapped out for the single line of JS above, no additional configuration needed
  • The new Sailthru script tag tracks interests and user behavior just like the legacy Horizon v1.0
  • Having the new Sailthru script tag on your site makes you SPM enabled, no further configuration need
  • The script tag can be deployed easily using a tag manager like Google Tag Manager (Tealium and Segment.io support coming soon)
  • The script tag is how you can access the five new Javascript API functions that make integrating with Sailthru much, much easier
Javascript API Functions – Introducing the new simple Javascript integration functions, that offer you the ability to integrate with Sailthru via tag manager (no development needed).
  1. User sign up – Add a user to Sailthru by email address, or modify user data for an existing user.
  2. User sign up with confirmed opt-in – Add a user to Sailthru or a new list with a confirmed opt-in email
  3. Custom event – Trigger a custom event call to add/update a user var, send an email, initiate a Lifecycle Optimizer flow, or other Sailthru event.
  4. Purchase – Pass Sailthru purchase transaction information
  5. Add to cart – Pass Sailthru cart information when a customer adds or removes an item to or from their cart