New Overlays Admin UI

Sailthru is launching a new version of its Overlays Admin User Interface! The new version will feature a revamped user experience and enhanced layouts. It also lays the groundwork for new features in the future.

Specifically, some of the changes that you can expect to see are:

1) Creating an Overlay now kicks off with a selection on “type” (Bar or Modal) and “goal” (User Acquisition or Announcement) of Overlay. Note: “Type” and “goal” will not be modifiable once a overlay has been created. This is so that we can build out more type and goal specific functionality without introducing inconsistencies.

2) The side panel has been moved from the left side of the window to the right to make it consistent with Lifecycle Optimizer and Email Composer. It also now has five tabs (instead of the previous three). Some screenshots below.

a) The “Basics” tab has became two separate tabs, “Setup” and “Style”

Setup Tab Style Tab

b) “Content” lists each overlay element. Eventually, this tab will be made into an editable list to add, remove, and rearrange elements for more flexibility.

c) Targeting has a slightly new design

d) Preview is now a tab, showing a live preview of your Overlay exactly as it will appear on your site after all CSS processing. It will open up in a new tab and load the Overlay on your site, provided the Sailthru Javascript tag is on the target page.

Please note that you will not see these enhancements until your account has been migrated to the new interface. Separate communications will be sent out regarding the exact date of your account’s migration.