Personalization Common Examples

Using Sailthru’s powerful Zephyr syntax combined with Personalization Engine interest data, you can display pieces of content conditionally in a template.

Using the {select} or {if} control-structures combined with the horizon_interest() function, you can show pieces of content only if they are relevant to that user. Also see Personalization Engine Functions.


Let’s suppose you are a fashion retailer. You have images of a dress in three colors: black, green, and purple polka dot. You have been using Personalization Engine to track the colors that customers are looking at on your website, so Sailthru has interest data on colors.

   {case horizon_interest('black,dark')} 
      <img src="" /> 
   {case horizon_interest('green')} 
      <img src="" /> 
   {/case} {case horizon_interest('purple,polka_dot,pattern')} 
      <img src="" /> 

The  {select}  control structure will compare the  horizon_interest  score for the customer for each of the tags and pick the piece of content with the highest score. If there is no relevant interest data about the customer, the first item (the black dress) will be selected, so the top item should be the “default” or generic item.


Please also see Personalization Engine in Email Templates, and Code a Template Using a Data Feed.