Developers need to perform a few steps before the full power of Sailthru can be leveraged. These include:

  • Set up Sailthru’s API to take advantage of all of Sailthru’s features. Some of the ways to leverage Sailthru’s API include:
    • Sending campaign, transactional, and triggered emails
    • Adding or updating user subscriptions
    • Performing background processing tasks
  • Set-up Data Feeds and Horizon Content Feeds
  • Code templates with Salithru’s sophisticated template syntax called “Zephyr“, which lets you personalize emails and websites with dynamic content and optimize your templates with a host of other functions, such as social media sharing.
  • Begin collecting behavioral user data with Horizon, which is as simple as pasting a few lines of code on your website’s pages. User interest data can be used with Content Feeds in both email and web (Site Personalization Manager) templates.


Call a data feed using code, instead of the Sailthru interface.

Sailthru’s own coding language that allows you to personalize campaign and transactional messages.

The Sailthru API allows you to efficiently take advantage of all the features Sailthru offers.