Farewell to the old Audience Builder; Welcome new functionality!

Today we are very proud to release the final improvement in our series of Audience Builder upgrades.

All of our date criteria and filters were updated for consistency in evaluation and behavior. This also marks the full launch of our new Audience Builder by removing access to the old tool.

Improved and Added Functionality

As you move through the tool, you’ll notice consistent date selectors for each criteria, providing an easy, uniform experience.


All “click,” “open”, “visit/viewed”, “bounced”, and “messaged” criteria now allow for checks against a particular day. Dates can be relative to today or exact, for example, you can look for “users who opened twice yesterday” or “clicked three times on December 5″.

You can now query date ranges with “Subscription Date” and Custom Field (vars) date checks. For example, “subscription date between 2 and 3 days ago,” or “custom field value is between Nov. 28 and Dec. 5.”

Criteria Behavior Updates

Behind the scenes, we applied the same “relative date” evaluation logic to open, clicks, views, and last bounce that already exists in checks against custom fields (vars), daily clicks and signup time. What this means is looking at “last clicked 2 days ago” is the same for a user who clicked two days ago at 3 p.m. or 6 p.m., specific to your account’s time zone. This brings consistency to all relative date evaluations in Audience Builder.

Daily “click,” “open”, “visit” and “messaged” evaluations with a value of “at least 0” will not include all users. A previous bug would not match users who never conducted the respective event.

Our full launch of the new Audience Builder

With this final release, the old Audience Builder will no longer be available to edit or create Smart Lists. The “Old/New” toggle on the Lists page to pick which interface will open to edit Smart Lists is being removed. All existing Smart Lists will open in the new Audience Builder, completely translated into the new structure. This also applies to segments created from the Prediction Manager overview page, if your account is enabled with this product.

If you have any questions or trouble navigating the new Audience Builder, we have extensive online resources and our Customer Success Team is always happy to help. You can also join our free Sailthru Academy “Audience Builder” webinar on June 5. Learn more about Sailthru Academy or register for the webinar.