Less Time Waiting, More Time Doing

We recently completed an update to our Snapshot jobs, bringing 5-to-15x faster speeds to general and Campaign (blast) Snapshots.

Throughout 2016, we refactored and brought speed improvements to eight jobs in the Sailthru system, improving your day-to-day efficiency! Those jobs included:

  • List Generate
  • List Import
  • All List Data Export
  • Save Campaign (blast) members to List
  • Purchase Log export
  • List Erase
  • Snapshots
  • Campaign (blast) Snapshots

We selected these jobs based on usage and volume across the system, first taking on our most-used jobs (list generate/import, list data exports) and working our way through subsequently popular jobs and/or those that would benefit most from speed improvements.

In addition to the speed enhancements, we brought new features to two jobs: List Exports and Purchase Log exports. Using my.sailthru.com, you can select the data columns to export. Not only did this match a popular feature request, it also helps us improve job speeds across the system by reducing the time used to search and export excess data.

These eight job improvements were another effort in a series of improvements focused on improving your day-to-day use of the system. We hope you can take advantage of these faster jobs and custom exports.