Your Feedback in Action on the Campaigns Page

We recently released a redesigned Campaign overview page with the ability to search and filter your campaigns. Then, we listened for your feedback on the new page and added the key workflow enhancements we heard from all of you.

Copy a Campaign with One Click

You found your campaign quickly, you can now copy it just as quickly. The copy icon will now appear inline within a campaign’s row when you hover over it.

Easily Preview Any Campaign

Verify your colleague’s campaign looks great? Check. Verify it looks great and is responsive? Check. We added the preview “eye” back to your campaigns, next to the copy button, so you can view a campaign in a new window to verify it’s design and responsiveness.

Link to Metrics

The name of each sent campaign now links into the campaign builder’s Summary page for that campaign. There, the¬†Metrics section includes a link to the more detailed reporting page.