SMS Campaigns

Using SMS Campaigns, you can send messages to your users’ mobile phones as SMS texts.

To learn more about what you can do with our SMS integration or to get set up, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Sailthru Support.

Once you have worked with us to configure this integration, you can:

  • Use Sailthru’s API to store and maintain users’ mobile phone numbers for SMS messaging by posting to their profile with the User call. You’ll need to be passing the number as a profile key in order to send to it. (You must first contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this key type.)
  • Create a new SMS message on the Campaigns page:
    1. Click “Create New” and select “SMS” as the type.
    2. Enter your message in the Code tab.
      Note: The limit is 160 characters to fit within one message.
    3. Select your List (and an optional Suppression List) in the Schedule Send tab.
    4. Schedule your campaign.