Mobile App Tracking

To track user interests within your app, leverage Sailthru’s Smart Data for both Horizon and Mobile.

Using the SDK, clients can record analytic information from their mobile users similar to that obtained when users web browse on PCs. SDK can log anonymous user’s data until they are identified, then update their profiles later.

Anonymous users will initially have a profile created for them, and you will be able to push to them. If in the future the user reveals their identify, your app can then re-register using it, and Sailthru will merge the anonymous account into the existing identity, along with all the previously received data.

Apps initially use the SDK by registering the device, using either the Apple Push Token, or in the case of an analytics only app, the device identifier. In both cases the user’s identifier is optional.

Once registered, your app can send tracking information using the SDK: either a list of tags, or a URL with optional location. The SDK uses a store and forward mechanism to insure that all information gets sent successfully to Sailthru.

Analytics from known users—those who have identified themselves to your app—will be aggregated along with their current HTML data.

For more information on this and other mobile solutions, please contact your Customer Success representative.