Mobile App Tracking Using HTTPS Requests

In order to collect mobile data on users, your app can make an HTTPS request to the Sailthru apptrack URL when a user launches the app or takes action within the app.

Normally, you will pass an hid (horizon ID). This identifier uniquely identifies the user, and is the response returned by the user API call‘s “cookie” key. Normally, your server will make this API call and pass the hid to your mobile app, which can now store it.


The base URL of apptrack is:

Where is your horizon domain.


The following parameters are required:

  • hid: The unique Horizon identifier for the user
  • app: The unique identifier for the app being used, for example “iphone-app”


The following parameters are optional:

  • tags: Interest tags pertaining to the action or content that is being consumed, comma-separated, for example “facebook,google,apple” — the user will be scored similarly to a pageview
  • url: The URL of the action or content that is being consumed — normally useful when viewing products or content
  • event: The name of the event that has occurred (for example “launch”, or “play”)
  • date: The UNIX timestamp of the date the event occurred (if events have been queued while offline and are being recorded later)
  • lat and lng: The latitude and longitude of the user, for geolocation tracking (i.e. &lat=10.71395&lng=-34.036865) You do not need to add a “+” if the value is positive.