Multifactor Authentication in Sailthru

Increase your user account protection with Multifactor Authentication.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) combines a username and password with a secondary level of security – sometimes a code generated by a fob, a fingerprint, or a code generated by an application. Sailthru uses a code generated by an application as a One Time Password (OTP).

Getting Started with Multifactor Authentication

Sailthru needs the following pieces of information to add Multifactor Authentication to your Sailthru account:

  1. A wildcard domain for your business.
    • Anyone with an email domain must use MFA.
  2. Any contractor or consultant email domains.
    • Anyone with an email domain must use MFA.
  3. Any ad-hoc email addresses. Check your account for any email addresses that do not use your main business domain or a consultant or contractor domain.
    • These may be someone’s personal email address. We will need the whole email address to activate MFA for that user.

Contact Sailthru Support or your CSM to get started.

See Logging in with Multifactor Authentication for more information.

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