Create Content Feeds Using Custom Meta Tags

You can now include or exclude content in a Content Feed based on the custom meta tag names and values that you ask Sailthru to collect with your spidered content. This makes sending personalized messaging even easier for marketers with limited development resources.

content feed example
Take metadata from your page and easily create Sailthru feeds that match those fields.

Content Feeds are data feeds populated by Sailthru’s content database of your site. That content database is updated via our on-site JavaScript or through the Content API. This allows marketers to create their own data feeds from site content without having to utilize their own development resources.

Custom meta tag names and values are added to your site by your developers or CMS. A publishing example is the name “section” with the value of “sports”, allowing you to denote that the page is part of your Sports section. In commerce, you may want to use the name “department” with the value “men”.

With this release, you can now create Content Feeds that filter the content they include based on the name-value pairs you define.

This new functionality is particularly beneficial to users of our Auto-tagging technology. With the addition of a custom meta name/value, you can now create vertical-specific feeds, with auto-tagged content ready for personalized messaging. These features are live now and ready for you to use!

Read more about Content Feeds with custom meta values in our updated documentation: