Force Send Purchase Emails

If you are using Sailthru’s Purchase API, you may also be sending receipts and shipping confirmations as transactional emails.

It is possible that an existing customer will sign up, opt out of all emails, and then order product. Due to these cases, it is advisable to use the following send_template parameter in your Purchase API calls. It will send the customer a receipt or shipment confirmation regardless of their opt-out level. Note that in the rare case that a customer opts out of the confirmation template itself, further confirmations will not be sent, even with this parameter set.

1Pass a purchase API call in post mode.

Pass the <span class="c1 c3">send_template</span> parameter. The value is the name of the receipt or confirmation template you wish to send.

Example (in JSON)

{"email":"","items":[{"qty":1,"title":"T-shirt","price":1099,"id":"1234","url":""}],"send_template":"purchase receipt"}

2The template should also include in the HTML an if/else statement that displays a re-engagment message if the user is opted out.
{if profile.optout}
Your purchase is on its way! We noticed you've opted out of email communications from us. We're sorry to see you go! Would you like to hear from us again? Click here to opt back in.  

It should also link to a Sailthru-hosted user management/preference center page where the user can opt back in.

Note that if the user’s email address status is ‘hard-bounced,’ the message will not be sent.