Add a Google Calendar Invite

Add a Google Calendar invite to templates. Create an event in your Google Calendar and add it to a template with a link. Users can click the link to add this invite to their calendars. 

Create a Google Calendar Invite

  1. Open your Google Calendar and create a new event.
  2. Add all necessary information, including: an event name, location (physical or URL), time (with correct time zone), and description. 
  3. Select “public” or “private” for this event or Google will just pick a default setting. 
  4. Save the event.
  5. Open the event with the Edit Event button.
  6. From the More Actions menu, select Publish Event. A modal window opens that includes an event link.
  7. Copy the event link and save it.

Add a Link

Add the link you saved to a template. 

  1. To create a basic text link for your template, use the following code.
    <h3> Save To Your Calendar!</h3>
    <a href="">Google Calendar Invite</a>

    It will render the similarly to the following:

  2. Customize the sample code for a personalized link.