Sailthru-Hosted Pages Overview


Sailthru Hosted Pages can be signup pages, user management pages, or confirmation pages. They provide convenient, built-in functionality for adding/removing users on Sailthru lists, sending welcome emails, and adding user variables. Since it is required that the Optout page for your account is hosted by Sailthru, we’ve provided lots of options for customizing this page into an “opt-down” page that respects your users’ preferences and increases user retention.

Top 4 benefits of hosted pages


Create an Opt-down Page

Sailthru hosted opt-down pages let users select which emails they receive.  Allowing users to opt-down can keep them from opting out.

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Create an Opt-out Page

Opt-out pages let users opt in and out of lists, or opt out of email completely.  Sailthru’s policy is that unsubscribes are managed through Sailthru, and the opt-out page is Sailthru-hosted.

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Modify the Opt-out Page

When building a User Management page (i.e. opt-down page) or modifying the opt-out page, you’ll want to edit the HTML to be consistent with the branding of your site.

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Change the Levels of User Opt-out

There are 3 main types of opt-out levels in Sailthru. Opted out users will automatically be suppressed — not sent to — even if they are still on the list that you are mailing to. You are required by CAN-SPAM law to include one of these options in the opt-out page.

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Why Use It?

There are three page types, each with its own benefits.


  • Useful for contests, partnerships, and everyday user management!
  • Automated welcome emails
  • Collect user data in easy dropdowns or text fields
  • API implementation is not required

User Management (Opt-out/Opt-down)

  • Sailthru’s policy is that unsubscribes are managed through Sailthru, and the opt-out page is Sailthru-hosted. By default, your account uses the default opt-out page. You may create a unique optout page, but it must be tested and approved by your Account Manager before it will be live. Any later changes to the opt-out page require re-activation.
  • Make sure your important emails get through. Custom opt-out options allow important emails such as forgotten password resets or order confirmations to be delivered.
  • Customize your opt-out page to allow for “opt-downs.” This preference center style page keeps users engaged with your content through a variety of options such as switching to a weekly list instead of a daily newsletter list.
  • Automatically pull in a subscriber’s variables to the hosted page with one line of code! See more here.

Thank You/Confirmation

  • Create confirmation or “Thank You” pages after successful sign ups or preference changes. Signup or opt-out pages can be set to redirect with one click of a drop-down menu.

Hosted Pages Examples

  • Contest/Sweepstakes Signup Page
  • Email Preference Page
  • Invite a Friend Page
  • Survey Page
  • Thank You Page

General familiarity with HTML is suggested when creating pages. Please contact your Account Manager for assistance.