Making it easier to test templates in Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder’s new “Refresh from Template” button lets you quickly load different templates when making A/B Campaigns. You can also quickly update a campaign’s message content if you make changes to a Visual Template using Email Composer, or update an HTML Template.

The “Refresh from Template” feature now appears on the Campaign Builder Design tab.

The button is located above the Test Send button for all regular and A/B test campaigns. Because of the nature of recurring campaigns, it is not available in recurring campaign mode.

When clicked, you’ll see a list of your templates.

Select one and click OK to refresh the template’s HTML, Text and Link settings. The refresh will only affect these items on the Design tab. Settings on the Configure tab – e.g., from name, subject line, data feed – will not be changed.

Use this with a regular campaign to quickly update content from a visual template if you’ve made last-minute changes to the base template.

If you’re creating an A/B test, you can click Add Test in the Design tab:

You can then click the A or B (or C, D, E..) message and use Refresh from Template to quickly load in different template’s content!

Remember to Save your campaign prior to navigating away from the Design tab. This feature works with all templates – HTML and visual. We welcome your feedback on this new feature – please reach out to your Customer Success team member with any comments or concerns!