Maintain crucial communication with transactional email templates

Effective July 30, 2018, you can designate templates with transactional message content using my.sailthru.com. This allows customers opted-out of marketing messages to still receive important transactional message templates, such as purchase confirmations, shipping notices and password reset emails. We previously required Support team approval for a template to receive this designation.

How do I designate the template as transactional?

Using the classic HTML template editor, look for the “Transactional” button in the toolbar of all your HTML Templates.

Transactional Button

This will open a display, asking you to click a checkbox and apply the setting. You’l see a reminder that these templates must

Save the template to confirm the changes.

What are the user statuses can receive transactional templates?

  • Valid users with no opt-out status set
  • Optout Marketing (also known as “optout-basic”)
  • Optout-blast (deprecated status)

Here’s how the top two statuses above are displayed in our newly launched Customer Lookup page:

Valid Profile

Optout Marketing customer profile

What user statuses cannot receive transactional templates?

    • Optout-all (no longer our best practice for default opt-out status)

This status displays in the Customer Lookup page as follows:

Optout All

What is the current best practice for setting users to an opt-out status? 

For all opt-out requests, our updated best practices suggest the use of “Optout Marketing” as the default opt-out status. This is known as “optout-basic” in the API and in earlier documentation. Some legacy Sailthru clients may use “optout-all”, but this means those users cannot receive transactional emails. You may still wish to use the optout-all status for absolutely make-no-contact requests.

Does this affect campaign messages?

No. Building from a “transactional” template will not give the campaign any sort of special behavior. It will remain a normal mass-mail campaign message that can only be sent to customer with no opt-out status at all.

How do I set an Email Composer template as transactional?

In August, we’ll launch a new settings panel for Email Composer templates, which will include the ability to set any Visual Template as a transactional message. In the interim, please continue to contact our Support team if you need to mark a Visual Template as transactional.