Use Lifecycle Optimizer to Re-engage Dormant Customers

When a customer’s engagement is lacking, you can automatically add them to a Lifecycle Optimizer flow to drive a re-engagement activity. Introducing our Engagement Flow entry type:

Engagement Entry

This entry quietly runs in the background each day, collecting customers who match the conditions you set. It runs every night after midnight in your account’s time zone, similar to our daily list counts.

You can start flows looking at the date of a customer’s most recent:

  • email open
  • email click
  • site visit
  • purchase
  • app open

Set a look-back period, and every day Lifecycle Optimizer will search across all your customers to find those whose most-recent activity (type of your choosing) occurred on the look-back date you defined–for example, 90 days ago today. The entry begins running the day after you activate the flow; if you activate the flow on a Monday, you’ll see eligible customers enter beginning Tuesday.

Customers need to have taken the selected action type (email link click, email open, etc.) at least once on the referenced day to be eligible for entry. The look-back timing selected in the entry is precise to the day and does not yet include customers whose last activity is older than the range specified. For example, looking for “Customers whose last click was 90 days ago or longer” is not yet supported.

If your chosen Action is to send an email, our recommended best-practice is to include a Wait step that holds off until a specific time in the day:

Engagement Flow Outline

In your flow, you can also use the new Check for “any email click” or “any email open” to see if the customer engages across any email send, including campaigns and template sends (triggered and transactional messages.)

This is the first in a series of new Lifecycle Optimizer entries inspired by existing Smart List and Recurring Campaign behavior. Look for more to come throughout the the next few months.