List-counting enhancements bring regularity to your reporting

Sailthru is releasing a significant upgrade to the system which powers the data in four reports concerning list size and growth: the List Count, List Growth, Source Signup, and List Ledger reports. In addition to providing faster processing time, the upgrade also allows us to provide you with regularly timed report updates each morning.

Every night at midnight in your local time, the system will begin refreshing the data in all four reports, and we guarantee it will be finished by 6 a.m. in the timezone of your account’s settings. For many customers, report updates will arrive much earlier. This means you’ll start your day knowing the data in those reports is fresh and includes applicable changes from the previous day.

We will activate the new functionality on a rolling basis beginning October 27, 2015, through November 4, 2015. While the software release will take place during off-peak, East Coast evening hours, the change will not take effect until the following day’s stats process. You will see a notification in your my.sailthru.com dashboard on your account’s rollout date.

We would like to note these considerations tied to the new functionality:

  • List counts for primary and secondary lists will update daily after this change. Previously only primary list counts updated each day.
  • The aforementioned list analytics reports use the same list count stats displayed on the general “lists” page. This means these four reports and all list counts will update daily!
  • Smart lists using criteria with a relative date of “today” will display a count value equivalent to running a snapshot for that list at midnight in your local time. Naturally, criteria such as “has clicked today” are likely to show low or zero counts. This count will update if the list is used for a campaign send that same day.
  • Smart List criteria referencing actions in a prior time window, i.e. “opened in the last day”, will display a count value equivalent to running a snapshot at 11:59 p.m. the day prior in your account’s local time. Again, the list and its count will be updated if used for a send..
  • As with the current reports, this data will not necessarily reflect the size of the list at send time. We reprocess lists at campaign send time, so differences are possible between each morning’s report and a send at a later point in the day. In all cases, you’ll have the most up-to-date list when it comes time to send.

As we head into the holiday season, we hope you enjoy this list counting optimization. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Customer Success Team Member or support@sailthru.com.