Link rewriting changes affecting older messages

In August, we launched a new link rewriting system, allowing us to increase message sending efficiency and reliability across the Sailthru system. Separate from this project, but related to the link functionality, we are making additional infrastructure changes to link rewriting to ensure optimal performance in link redirection.

This week, we will implement a change affecting links in campaign and transactional emails that are more than 60 and 90 days old, respectively. This allows our system to reduce the storage overhead for older links that are no longer referenced. There is no action required on your part.

The change has the most effect on transactional emails sent using the old and new link functionality, as well as campaign emails sent using the old link rewriting functionality. Older links in these messages will redirect to the root domain of the link rewrite URL, for example “link.mybusiness.com” would redirect to “mybusiness.com”. For campaigns, the expiration date is 60 days after the message is sent; for transactionals the expiration date is 90 days.

Links in transactional and campaign messages sent using the link functionality launched in August will not have an expiration date, with only a few exceptions for transactional messages outlined below.

Transactional message opt-out links will begin redirecting to the root of the link domain after 90 days. Automatically generated links such as “View Online”, “Signup Confirmation” and “Forward to a Friend” links will also expire after 90 days for transactional messages. For campaigns sent using our new link functionality, there will be no expiration dates on any of these link types.

These changes remain compliant with respected opt out regulations. If you have any questions, please contact support@sailthru.com or a Customer Success Team Member.