Lifecycle Optimizer can help display event custom event data inside your email templates

Event API calls can include custom fields (vars) as part of the call, which can include meta data or other information you want to reference to your users. You can currently filter Lifecycle Optimizer flow entries based on these fields. Now, you’ll be able to display those custom fields in any email template sent by that flow.

For all new user entries, Custom Fields (vars) from Event API flow entries will be available to the templates within the respective flow. This allows you to include additional data about a custom user event and reference it inside all the email sends within that flow. This update is scheduled to be released to all Sailthru accounts by July 7, 2017.

These custom fields will be available as top-level vars inside the Zephyr for templates sent via Lifecycle Optimizer, for all users entering a flow after this release. Here’s an example of how a custom field will be referenced in Zephyr, and what it would display:

Example Event API custom field name (key) Example value Zephyr variable reference in template What will display in the message
product_rating 5 {product_rating} 5

Remember, custom fields must be included on the Event API POST and will only be accessible to email templates sent via that specific Lifecycle Optimizer flow when the Event was the flow entry activity.

Event vars will take priority over same-named profile custom fields. This is important to note if you’ll be using event custom fields with the same names as profile. If you’re using a lot of event custom fields, please also note that a single event’s custom fields must be under 1 MB, which aligns with the current limitation of the /send API endpoint.

Once again, this release is scheduled to be released to all Sailthru accounts by July 7, 2017.