Bring Customers Back with Lifecycle Optimizer Browse Abandon Flows

We’re excited to introduce a new abandonment series to our Lifecycle Optimizer portfolio: Browse Abandonment.

Browse Abandon Flow

Customers visit your site, peruse products and categories, and leave without ever purchasing or adding items to a cart. Now with Lifecycle Optimizer, you can follow up with known customers, reminding them of their virtual window shopping with enticements to bring them back to convert.

Browse Abandon flows are a follow-up to our 2017 release of Cart Abandonment, which addresses customers who leave your site after adding unpurchased items to their carts.

Publishers: You can get in on the abandonment action, too. Create flows that use a longer wait after any given visit before checking to see if the reader has since returned. If not, follow up with messaging highlighting new stories similar to the pages they viewed.

The new Browse Abandoned flow entry is now accessible to all accounts. Create a new flow to get started and select to start the flow when “Browse Abandoned.” You can set thresholds for the type of site visit you want to consider worthy of follow-up.

Lifecycle Optimizer Browse Abandon Entry

Then add URL filters to narrow in on the page types to consider part of the session. This lets you avoid browse sessions with help pages, return policies, promotions and similar non-product or non-story pages.


Check out our new Browse Abandonment series documentation.  Here’s a quick checklist for getting started:

  1. Just like cart abandonment flows, there’s no extra charge or implementation fees to use browse abandonment flows.
  2. The standard Sailthru implementation is all you need for browse and cart abandonment flows: our latest on-site JavaScript tag, an up-to-date Sailthru content/product library, and realtime customer purchase information being sent to us. Read more in our documentation.
  3. Messaging is key: Our step-by-step guide shows you how to display the session’s viewed items inside your follow-up templates. Our personalization function quickly sorts those viewed items and will fetch realtime updates from your Content/Product Library, ensuring any prices, titles, images and descriptions are up-to-date at send time. You’re fully in control of your creative with Sailthru’s Browse Abandonment flows.
  4. Two stock Browse Abandon templates are loaded into all commerce clients’ accounts. These templates are masterfully crafted by our Implementation team and feature call-to-action phrases and design influences from our Optimization team. Modify them to easily get started if you don’t have quick access to creative resources. Read our documentation for more on these templates.

Cart and Browse Abandon flows are designed with optimal messaging in mind. We’ll automatically determine which flow a customer is eligible for, ensuring you never message with both types following the same session.

Get started with Browse Abandon series today — visit our guide, and contact us with any questions.