Know your audience’s device notification status

Push notifications can be set to ‘Push disabled’ on Mobile devices (read more about this here).

This means that when a push is sent to an audience, some of these pushes will never be displayed. We have just released a update which will show you how many devices in a selected audience have not set their push notification status to ‘Push disabled’ thus you can know how many devices in the audience will actually receive a push.

We show the number of ‘Push enabled’ devices in an audience in the following places:

  1. Audience builder
    While building an audience in the audience builder there is a small information icon. When you hover over this button we will display the percentage of the audience you are building which is push enabled.
  2. Message composer
    While selecting an audience to send a message to in the message composer, hover over an audience to see the percentage of that audience which is push enabled.
  3. Message preview
    As a final check, when you hover over the ‘Publish Now’ button on the message preview screen, we now display the number of devices in the audience which are Push Enabled.

We hope these new features will help you to have a better understanding of the reach a message will have within an audience. The next changes we will make in this area is to not only display how many devices are enabled/disabled, but also how many are set to ‘quiet’