Job Processor Queue Enhancements

On Friday, July 17, we will be modifying the order in which “jobs” are processed by the system. Jobs include Snapshot reports, bulk updates, bulk imports, or bulk exports. Currently we handle all job requests on a first come first serve basis, regardless of the number or size of the jobs submitted. The algorithm is being updated to favor clients who have no currently running jobs, so that no single customer can consume all of the available resources. Overall the impact will be a more efficient and equitable distribution of resources during peak load times.

Based on our extensive testing and evaluation of resources, this change will not normally be noticeable. When it is noticeable, it will be as a measureable improvement in the speed with which most jobs are processed for most clients. The exception is when multiple processor-intensive jobs are submitted at the same time by a single client. Based on capacity at that time, the total running time for all those single-client jobs may be longer as we distribute resources to evenly serve all clients. As a reminder, avoiding 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern Time on weekdays for the submission of a large number of jobs is always a best practice.