Introducing Lifecycle Optimizer Predictive Entries

Introducing Lifecycle Optimizer Predictive Entries – the power of Sailthru’s artificial intelligence coupled with our easy-to-use drip series builder.

Lifecycle Optimizer Predictive Entries

You can create flows for four customer behaviors, each with probability calculated by Sailthru’s Prediction Manager using an AI model that’s customized for your account and customer profiles. Those predicted behaviors are:

  • Disengage from Email
  • Optout from Email
  • Purchase
  • Visit your site
Each day, Prediction Manager will add customers to the flow have have increased likelihood to disengage, purchase, opt-out or visit your site within approximately the next week. Similar to the Engagement and Calendar Event entries, the daily entries will begin the day after you activate the flow. 
Models are trained to avoid day-to-day repeat additions of the same customers, and you can use our flow-level frequency capping to limit entries to once-ever or once every few months/weeks. The choice is yours. But don’t worry, we’ve got suggestions to get you up and running:

Jump right in with Predictive Entries Recipes in Lifecycle Optimizer:

LO Predictive Recipes

These recipes were created with our Data Science team to enforce testing best practices and also make it easy to get started with predictive entries. Each recipe is tailored to the prediction type, leaving placeholders for message or messaging-cadence testing alongside a holdout group.

Recipes also include prediction-specific actions that set profile Custom Fields at strategic points in the recipe. You can use these Custom Fields within Audience Builder to generate Snapshots or Smart Lists on customers who are in or previously entered the flow and its test steps.

With Lifecycle Optimizer and Prediction Manager, it’s easier than ever to use automated, artificial intelligence to make you a super-hero marketer!

Not yet using Prediction Manager? Contact your Customer Success Team Member to learn more about putting predictions at your fingertips.