Demandware LINK Cartridge

The Sailthru cartridge for Demandware is designed to help you bring relevant product and user information into Sailthru from the Demandware platform. It’s designed to create a baseline integration for you to use and adapt to your own needs. It enables you to capture the data points that are attributed to individual customer profiles and incorporated into personalized messaging and recommendations across customers’ email, onsite and mobile experiences.


Enabled by the Demandware LINK cartridge for Sailthru:

  • Sailthru Purchase Data – All purchases are recorded and pushed to Sailthru
  • Abandoned Carts – All items added to logged-in user’s carts are passed to Sailthru as incomplete purchases
  • Sailthru User Profile Creation – A user that registers in Demandware is created in Sailthru with the default fields for email and name.
  • List Signups – Demandware can be configured to add a user to a list during signup.
  • Product management via the Content API – All products are synced into Sailthru’s Content Library using Demandware’s job framework.
  • Sailthru JavaScript Tag – Sailthru’s JavaScript Tag and Sailthru meta tags are deployed on your site automatically. Note that an implementation requiring Horizon’s manual page tracking-for example, a configuration for single-URL sites-will need to be a custom implementation.
  • Transactional emails for account registration, password reset, abandoned cart, and purchase confirmation messages can be configured to send via Sailthru.

Installation and Configuration

The deployment of the cartridge to Demandware requires a systems integrator to configure and deploy to the Demandware platform. Customers may use third party vendors for this process or perform the work in house. Installation documentation is provided in the cartridge package as per Demandware’s best practices.

Once installed, the Cartridge provides a page under your site preferences to manage your Sailthru settings.

Setting Description

Sailthru API Key and Secret

Available on the Settings page in My Sailthru.

Sailthru API Timeout

Set the timeframe for when an API request to Sailthru will timeout. Normal responses respond in well under a second, and this should be considered the upper limit in case of communication problems to allow any Demandware processes to continue.

Customer ID

Available on the Settings page in My Sailthru.

Sailthru Enable Abandon Cart Emails

Enabling this feature will enable Abandoned Carts to be sent to logged in users in Demandware.

Use Sailthru for System Emails

This setting will allow default system emails not specified in settings below to be routed through Sailthru. This is not a common configuration.

Enable Registration lists

Enables the addition of a newsletter signup to the user registration process. See the cartridge installation docs for more details.

Sailthru Abandoned Cart Delay

Time in minutes before the abandoned cart email is sent.

Abandoned Cart Template

The Sailthru email template used for abandoned cart emails.

Sailthru Signup Template

The Sailthru email template used to deliver the welcome emails.

Sailthru Purchase Template

The Sailthru email template used to deliver the order confirmation emails.

Sailthru Password Reset Template

The Sailthru email template used to deliver the password reset emails.

Sailthru Gift Card Template

The Sailthru email template used to deliver gift card emails.

Horizon Domain Name

The domain name used for horizon tracking. This should match the domain name in your Sailthru Settings.