Integrate Shopify Abandoned Checkout into Cart Abandonment Flows

Available now, Shopify Abandoned Checkout has been integrated into Lifecycle Optimizer flows starting with the Cart Abandonment entry. 

Seamlessly transition your customers from cart to checkout abandonment messaging in a single flow. And with Shopify checkout restoration URLs, you can bring a user right back to where they left off their shopping experience.

To setup your flow for abandoned checkout, update your messaging templates with two new fields on the incomplete purchase: abandon_type and restore_url (available if abandon_type is checkout). In addition, please make sure re-entry is turned on.

The below sample shows how you can use zephyr to change your messaging dynamically for carts and checkouts.

{if profile.purchase_incomplete.vars.abandon_type == "checkout"}
You Didn't Finish your Purchase! Click <a href="{profile.purchase_incomplete.vars.restore_url}">here</a> to continue!
You Left Items in your Cart!