In-App Message Previews

In-App Messages added to Device Previews

The Device Preview page allows you to preview what your mobile message will look like across various display states for major Android and iOS devices. We have updated this to include In-App Messages as well as Push Notifications. When sending an In-App message via the Sailthru Message Composer you can select the ‘In-app fullscreen’ option from the ‘Location’ section of the Device Preview page. This will show you a preview of your In-App Message, including any media within it. Gifs and videos will also play if you would like to confirm these look good too.

This update also includes a change to make the Push Notification previews more accurate when an In-App message containing media is being sent at the same time. When an In-App message contains media, the linked Push Notification contains a thumbnail of that media. We now display this in the Push Notification previews so you can confirm everything looks great.

Once you confirm how things look you can go ahead and Send as normal, or click Keep Editing in the bottom left to make some touchups. Edit and preview as much as you need!

All users sending a push, in-app, or combination of these, will now see the device preview page (previously it was only Push Notifications). If sending as part fo an A/B test, the old preview page is still displayed.